Welcome to Splintered Woodwurkz


The path to becoming a “woodworker” can take many turns. Right off the bat the term “woodworker” is pretty ambiguous. Heck I’m already a “woodworker” by some definitions. Defined by Webster’s “woodworker” is “the act, process, or occupation of working wood into a useful or desired form”. I have built book shelves, done some crown molding, carved a block of wood into some semblance of a recognizable  and “useful” object as well as numerous other things with wood that would qualify me as a “woodworker” by that definition . However what I am striving for is improving my skills to the point of being considered a accomplished “woodworker”. Accomplished meaning that the “useful or desired form” is very useful and very desired.


My latest “woodworking” adventures are with CNC (computer numerically controlled) routers.

The can of worms this opens up with “traditional woodworkers” is amusing, frustrating and aggravating at the same time. Please visit my post “Define Traditional?” where I discuss this “hot debate” in greater detail.



So it starts with a long anticipated moment…my children are grown and I now have access to what was formerly their playroom. It is now Dad’s playroom.  It is or was large enough to accommodate many large woodworking machines prior to my addition of the CNC router.  Now the router takes up the majority of the room.DSC_0399


So my intent is to share as much as I am able.  I will try to keep it fresh and interesting but can’t make any promises.  Real life always has a habit of interfering with my hobbies.

My expectation is that you will see me stumble and make some mistakes but continue to learn and have fun along the way.

Goals – in no particular order

  • Have Fun
  • Make Stuff
  • Learn