How About Some CNC History?

Who Doesn’t Like History…?

I am a bit of a geek…not hardcore like many of my friends…but I love technology of almost any form. So it was natural for me to include technology in my woodworking.generic_cnc_xyz

CNC (computer numerically controlled) has been around for quite some time. You can trace its beginnings from the 1940’s with just NC (numerically controlled) systems initially developed to create helicopter rotor blades to the mid 1950’s where the “C” in CNC was introduced by MIT to aid in the creation of punch tapes. So I’m a bit late to the dance as you can see… but no matter.  I’m diving in with both feet…or is that diving in head first?

Generic CNC Router with the basic 3 axes labeled

Rather than me give you a rehash of the history of CNC I’d suggest reading from these sources as they do a much better job explaining it and I am, in the end, too lazy to paraphrase them.  What I can add is that CNC has so many different avenues of pursuit.  Whether you build from scratch with wood, steel or aluminum…buy a kit or buy a machine that is already built the options are numerous, and that’s just taking into consideration CNC routers…there are many other CNC machines to explore…mills, lathes etc… Have fun.

Wiki Article on the history of NC (Numeric Control) before there was a “C”

Another Great Source for CNC Information

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