Project that Motivates…

Many, many, many months ago I was asked by my niece about creating something for a silent auction.  My niece and her husband are police officers and the auction supports the families of fallen or disabled officers. Well of course I couldn’t refuse.


My decision was to make what is commonly referred to as a “cop caddy”.

This is essentially a stand that holds all the things an officer wears, while he is off-duty and at home. This includes their bullet proof vest, utility belt, radio, flashlight etc. The motivation comes from both the cause this supports and in the procrastination on my part since the auction is in three (3) weeks!!

My design will incorporate much of what I have gathered by looking on the web at other cop caddy designs while trying to incorporate some of my own touches. It will be made from a combination of cherry and white oak. One thing I am including is a wood engraving of the police badge.  Another is a built-in outlet for charging the flashlight and radio, powering the bio-metric gun safe and it even has a couple USB charging ports.  It’s my first real object made with the CNC router…My goal is to use the CNC for everything from engraving badge to surfacing and even cutting parts that might be better cut on a table saw.  It’s a bit of an experiment in what can be done with just the the CNC.  The CNC is certainly not the most efficient tool for many applications but what the heck…


The badge engraving turned out better than I had expected. I made three (3) attempts in various wood species, poplar, pine and finally cherry. The poplar was a complete fail and pine not much better.  It seems the cherry held up best to the tooling I was using which was a 30 degree .010 v-bit.  Which makes sense given its Janka hardness rating, as compared to the other woods.  Cherry is in the ~1000 range whereas the other woods are about half that hardness.  I’m looking forward to trying other species to see how clean an engraving I might be able to achieve.

When I am done with the project I will be sure to post a picture and some additional detail on its construction.


Update:  I finished the project and it sold at auction to a nice young police officer.  Here is the link to the pics of the final project.

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